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We are based in Port Elizabeth

If you have any items you would like to sell, drop us an email via our contact us page and we will come to you in the Port Elizabeth & Surrounding areas.


If you have old antique brassware or copperware items you wish to sell, let us know, we buy all statues, pots, tins, ashtrays, trays, tea sets, coffee sets and all other items made from copper or brass. ( this excludes ALL electric wiring, only antiques!!!! )



We also buy all old, unused & broken Gold & Silver jewellery. contact us to arrange a meeting in the comfort of your own home or contact us via our contact us page

Brass & Bronze Detailed Box

Copper antique wall clock

Vintage Copper ship's compass

Vintage Copper diving headgear

Antique brass & copper fire extinguisher

Late 1900's brass jewellery box

Brass ship's bell

Vintage copper water urn

Antique brass & copper food warmer

Decorative brass water urn

late 1800's lions - asian

Brass bull

French Lady - brass late 1800's

Decorative copper elephant - asian 1700's-1800's